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COVID Restrictions to be lifted June 15th

Here’s How The Reopening Impacts Real Estate

With the state of California fully re-opening, several important changes are coming to real estate. These changes mostly impact in-person showings and open houses, while other items, such as office re-openings and procedures, are ultimately up to brokers and office managers to decide on company policy. The major changes are highlighted below, with links to helpful C.A.R. reopening resources.

Please note – individual municipalities and offices may have policies that are more stringent and supersede the state’s new regulations. Please check with your broker and act accordingly.

Changes to In-Person Showings

  • The state’s reopening eliminates sign-in requirements, removes the requirement to post rules to entry and C.A.R. will no longer require the use of any PEAD forms after 6/15.
  • Masks are not required if everyone in the showing party (including any REALTORS®) are fully vaccinated. Masks are still required if someone is unvaccinated.
  • Cleaning requirements have been lifted
  • Physical distancing requirements are eliminated as well.
  • Please check with your broker and with your seller(s) before implementing any of these changes.
  • Changes to open houses
  • Masks are still required of all attendees regardless of vaccination status
  • Physical distancing requirements, PEAD, sign-in and rules of entry requirements have been eliminated
  • Tier-based capacity limits have been eliminated.


Changes to office procedures

  • Agreeing to an office prevention plan is no longer necessary
  • Please note Brokers and office managers may still implement work-from-home, physical distancing and other office rules and restrictions if they so choose. Please check with your broker about any specific office policies.
  • Your seller can require that everyone entering the property wear a mask, be vaccinated or show a negative COVID test.
  • Your seller may set their own rules as to who will be admitted to the property, including requiring mask wearing, COVID vaccinations and negative COVID tests. Obtain the seller’s instructions in writing via C.A.R. form RLA-CAA if they wish to implement any such restrictions. Check with your office on whether they require the listing to be formally amended or not.


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